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Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is a system of researching the subconscious mind and Soul (Akashic) Records to quickly find and release discordant, limiting ideas and replace them with loving, supportive ideas, and beliefs.


Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) provides an exacting, powerful, virtually painless, and accurate way of changing the landscape of our inner and outer lives. Therefore, SRT enables us to live our lives more freely.

A pendulum is used as a movement amplifier and pointer as I communicate with your Higher Self using a special set of charts, and a specific series of questions to complete the research and clearing of all discordant programming in the subconscious mind and Soul Record.

SRT opens up a channel of communication to access your “Higher Self” wisdom in order to heal and balance yourself and others. You can replace old traumatic programs with positive energy and inner peace. The result of this work has assisted thousands of people to live more clearly and joyfully. This therapy is contraindicated in pregnant women. 


It is my mission to consciously live my life with purpose by providing healing services to others while giving them the tools they need to believe in themselves. By learning how to live life with courage, compassion, curiosity, and free of fears, clients will be able to become better versions of themselves by reshaping restrictive beliefs stored in the subconscious mind while achieving a new direction in life.

“Just when the caterpillar thought that life was over, it became a butterfly.”

 - Proverb

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Akashik Record

The Soul Record is commonly referred to as the Akashic Record. It is the record of everything the soul has experienced from the instant that the Divine Blueprint was formed at the level of the GODHEAD until the present moment and beyond. All the programming from this and other lives is stored there.  


“God created humans as living souls, beings of consciousness. As a being of consciousness, you create your own world based on the information gathered by the five senses. Although the subconscious mind holds many beliefs that can be limiting, or cause mental, emotional, and physical trauma, it also controls the complete functioning of the physical body through the autonomic nervous system”.

-Robert E. Detzler.

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