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How meditation can benefit you and everything around you?

Meditation is a very useful tool that helps us raise, increase our levels of consciousness. When we meditate, we enter much higher levels of mind and consciousness, which creates a direct connection between the centers of the mind and the heart.

What happens to our body when we meditate?

When we meditate, we observe our thoughts, which originate from our beliefs, the feelings and bodily sensations that we feel and that affect us positively or negatively every day.
By meditating, we become aware of the motivations that lead us to act in everyday life, it helps us to go through the situations that cause us suffering and to strengthen the qualities that generate genuine well-being.

Reschedule your eating habits as you meditate

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Do you have frequent headaches? Do you feel your body heavy? Do you feel you can't concentrate? Do you suffer from constipation? Do you eat many things that make you feel bad? Do you feel that you're stuck in your weight? Do you have mental clouds? Do you have body aches and pains and no one can tell you what's wrong? 

With my 21-Day Emotional Detox book, you'll learn how to feed your body, mind and spirit consciously. This will enable you to reactivate yourself in various aspects of your life.  

Combine it with meditations and you'll get a better version of yourself.

How can I meditate?

Tip 1 How can I meditate KSpiritual by Karen Serrao

Find a quiet place where you can do your meditation

Tip 2 How can I meditate KSpiritual by Karen Serrao

Light an incense, candle, put some essential oil. This will help you relax and stay centered during meditation.

Tip 3 How can I meditate KSpiritual by Karen Serrao

Sit in the correct way. It could be like cross-legged in the lotus flower or in a chair with your feet on the floor

Tip 4 How can I meditate KSpiritual by Karen Serrao

If distracting thoughts come to your mind, just acknowledge them and continue meditating.

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Grounding Meditation is the perfect remedy for those who feel stressed, burdened with annoying emotions, too rushed, overloaded with work, burdened by events, terrified, annoyed, clumsy, or exhausted.

If you recognize yourself on this list, anchoring yourself will significantly help you feel better. I leave you this meditation as a gift so that you can practice it and improve your life.


"Meditation teaches us to ignore distractions and to focus our attention on

what we want to focus on"

-Daniel Goleman-

Will I be able to feel changes when I finish meditating?

After meditating, we renew ourselves by raising our state of mind or consciousness. Therefore, we feel and experience the following:


  • Love, gratitude, and compassion for ourselves and everything that surrounds us.

  • New thoughts and emotions that have a different level of consciousness and energy. This teaches us to calm down, feel happy, feel calm, calm our anxieties, and forgive ourselves for everything and everyone.

  •  A much higher level of energy and awareness that helps us manage stress better and live our lives much healthier and more positively.

  • Self-awareness, which is an excellent tool to discover our true essence and strengths.

  • The ability to create and materialize a new present and future. We stop living in the past because we have thoughts of a higher energy vibration; therefore, we can visualize and create a different reality. We begin to trust and believe in the universal source that lives within ourselves.

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