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After purchasing your Therapy, please message me at +1 914 215 4774 to schedule your appointment.


ThetaHealing®️ is a technique that teaches how to make use of our natural intuition, based on the Unconditional Love of the "Creator of All That Is". Able to solve problems on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level, achieving profound changes in body and mind.


A typical session includes intuitive reading, belief work, and healing. Nothing will change without your permission, and the practitioner should ask for your verbal acceptance of any belief change and any healing to be done.


HOW DOES IT WORK? Everything we live is stored in us as beliefs. ThetaHealing allows us to get access to that information stored in our subconscious, to identify those thoughts or beliefs that turn into negative feelings and sabotage our happiness.


This meditation technique takes the brain into a deep theta brain state instantly. Using this state, we can re-establish our connection with the Creator (the spirit that intertwines and unites all things that exist).


The Theta state is where brain activity drops to almost the dream state, but not completely. Theta brings out a receptivity, flashes of creativity, inspiration, and forgotten memories. The Theta state occurs directly at the edge of the subconscious and is associated with deep

ThetaHealing® Therapy - 1 Hour

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