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Access Bars Consciousness


This is a technique that is designed to improve the wellbeing of everyone, adults and children. Through this technique I activate 32 points in your head that help move the stuck energy from the head to the feet, so when the client is touched softly on those points, he/she can release the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions that are stoping him/her from living the life he/she desires. 


By moving the energy, which is pure consciousness, It dissolves any solid judgment buried in your subconscious and conscious mind, allowing you to see things from a fresh perspective. As a result, you are able to process information efficiently.



Access Bars points relate to a wide range of areas – meaning that the therapy may help people achieve change in multiple areas such as sleep, stress, happiness and weight loss, rejuvenate the tissues by activating the regenerative functions of the cells. People who have had their bars run also report experiencing increased clarity and motivation, and a decrease in interpersonal conflicts.

Access Bars Consciousness

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