This detox is designed with the purpose that the person can detoxify the mind, body, and spirit. It is a 100% vegan detox that will help you get to know your body better, since you are going to restart your body. During these 21 Days we are going to work on lowering the load of heavy metals, cleaning the liver, and lowering the load of pathogenic microorganisms in your intestine that are causing your body to not function optimally.


This individual 21 Day detox includes:


  • My e-Book, "21 Days of Emotional Detox", which you can download to your computer and print.
  • Access to my 10 Days of Guided Meditations program so that you can train your mind to achieve changes in your life.
  • 4 Pre-Recorded Sessions where you will learn about nutrition and lifestyle.
  • 21 Days of Direct Access with me where you can ask me questions and I will guide you in a personalized way throughout the detox process.


At the end of the program, you will not only feel happier, deflated, awake, but you will also have acquired tools to be able to live more freely and without so many burdens.


Questions that many have during this detox:


1. Will I have to stay vegan for life? The answer is NO. What is sought with this detox is that you take a break and help your body to lower the level of toxicity and that you can start another cycle in your life with a much lighter and more rested body.


2. Will I be able to exercise during the detox? The answer is YES. During the detox it is recommended to do exercises. Depending on your body, you may do it with a lower intensity, but it is always advisable to keep your body active or moving.


3. How will I know what to eat and cook? In the e-Book I include daily menu templates and recipes.


1-1 Program: 21-Days of Emotional Detox

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