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With you Forever

Today I bring you a reading that is aimed to open up your mind and heart. This reading is to bring you hope and light in this difficult time. I want to share some of what I learned in the spiritual world, which I believe opens up a window of forgiveness, unconditional love, compassion and gratitude for everything we know, have, feel, experience, think, and believe. These new concepts (that I would like to share with you) can help many of us stop living a present life based on negative programs and energies, such as pain, guilt, fear, unhappiness, unforgiveness, unworthiness, and begin to build a present life that will shape a future that vibrates in the higher vibrational energies of love, abundance, forgiveness, and happiness.

We are light beings with multidimensional and eternal souls. This is why I ask you today: Why do you insist on believing that we are souls in a box?

What do you think happens when people die? Do you believe that when you die you will cross the veil for some time, then you will reincarnate and then you will repeat the cycle? Or maybe you believe that once you die you go to a heaven, or to the other side of the veil, and you stay there forever and ever.

Well, we are multidimensional souls, we cannot consider ourselves as beings inside a box. Therefore, our soul can be in other places. For example, in this precise moment, when you are reading this message, part of your soul is in another place or dimension. Maybe many of you do not agree with this, but based upon this concept, this is how it is.

Let’s begin with your High Self. Do you know where it is? Well, it is on the other side of the veil, your divine self allows you to be in two places at the same time. Can you see that the box where your soul is located is in the Universe?!

Today we cannot say that science and each of its branches are separated from spirituality. Human Beings are not only science; they are multidimensional. When you die, part of your soul stays on this planet with those you love. It fuses to their souls; to the soul of those you loved. All this is the magnificence of being multidimensional souls! Part of you stays with your children, friends, family members, etc. and when you cross over to the other side of the veil, part of your soul stays with each of them. Each light being that has died (physical death) and that you have lost (parents, siblings, grandparents, friends, etc.) that have been an important part of you or that have left a mark in your life in any way, they are still here with you.

Look at this detail: sometimes, when you are alone at night and you have thoughts of those that you have lost, not only do you still have the memories of them, but there is something even more beautiful and incredible that stays with you. We tend to feel their scent, their voices. It is as if a part of their biology is still alive here with us.

Do you know why this occurs? Because they have not left. Those beings that we love they are HERE WITH US.

We are not going through this evolutionary process alone. Our ancestors are here, those who we have loved and that now are gone, are part of our soul.

The concept that we have been taught is that we are simply a “soul inside a box”. This concept is easy to understand, because it teaches us to live in a linear way or in one dimension only.

This is fine if you want to believe this. But those of you who want to begin to open your mind and think that there is another concept out there where we are free and unlimited, can also think that the concept above is not correct. Therefore, we need to teach our children to not be afraid the day we are no longer physically in this plane. We will always be together. We need to tell them that we will always be close to them and that we will give them signs: in their dreams, or that they can look for us with their Intuition. The intuition is developed by reaching a higher level of consciousness. Therefore, we can tell them about the First Law of Thermodynamics: “Energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be transformed”; meaning energy can only change its form.

If we think at a higher level of consciousness, we will fill up our soul with vibrations that will come from a Beautiful Dimension, which is a LOVE DIMENSION. This love dimension is full of hope, benevolence, compassion, thankfulness. It is so beautiful what we can feel when we vibrate with this energy, that all the thoughts that we produce will not resonate with painful or ugly thoughts. Therefore, little by little the emotional pain we were feeling because we had lost a loved one, begins to abate. Energies of fear and ego, such as fears, doubt, anger, hate, anxiety, and other energies and discordant programs, begin to disappear because the higher consciousness vibration that we have does not resonate with the dimension where discordant energies are immersed.

This is why I tell you today: Do not be sad. Rejoice to know that the soul of the light beings you love and that have physically left this plane, have never left you. Thus, the soul of human beings is not in one dimension only -The soul is in all dimensions and; therefore, it can be in different places at the same time! We are Multidimensional Souls!

With all my Gratitude to you, the reader, and Sending you all my love and compassion…

Karen Serrao

Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner(SRT),

Reiki Master & Angelic Healing Practitioner.

Contact: 914-215-4774

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